I Am Your Soul Sister

So many ways in which the world should give you love for you are a strong woman seasoned by
The hard ground you walked on strategically to feed your loved ones,
By hips that bear fruit of the world,
By eyes that saw change, peace, love, and disaster
In which you participated so fully even when your oppressors tried to keep you down.
They kidnapped you, raped you, objectified you, beat you, and feared you all the while you remained strong.
Broken limbs and shattered pieces of your body remained like the stars in the sky ever forming and shining strongly never obscured for long because clouds could not outshine you for they have little substance.
You are mother Earth and you give your sisters synchronization with the moon. When one bleeds, so do all the rest. If that is not a magical connection, then the rivers don’t deserve to fall into the sea for you cannot have one without the other.
They tried making you feel insignificant and made the popular be so thin you would disappear like a blade of grass turned on its side. They did this for fear that you would grow too much and would become a goddess and they forgot that it was you who gave them life. They forgot that you
Kept them safe and nurtured in your womb,
Connected your soul with theirs because you are the sex that loved first
You loved every piece of the world even when it tried to tear you apart.
You are your body, your mind, your soul and you created yourself and all that exists around you and no one will ever take that from you. Love your sisters, mothers, daughters, and breathe love and kindness into your sons. For the love of our mother Earth, don’t let them take your sons and turn them into devils. Keep your feet sturdy on the ground and do not back down. Ask your sisters for help, if you stumble or fall, we will pick you back up. I love you, sister.


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