The Gardener

Growing a garden begins with an idea that motivates you to plant seeds of varieties that you believe you will love. Soon after you will measure the plots, determine the seed depth, placement relating to the sun, and the watering schedule. Eventually, the first shoots will sprout and something within your chest will also grow because you are now a creator whereas before you simply imagined. What happens next all depends on you. Will you begin to forget the strategies you used to cultivate your flowers, will you inadvertently introduce weeds or pests into your garden, will you become careless in your watering schedule? I hope that you will be the patient gardener that sings in your garden and pulls out weeds like doubts that choke your flowers. Just remember, that all roses come with thorns, yet none intends to prick, but rather only to appeal and grow—so if at some moment you catch yourself on a spike be compassionate enough to not uproot. When you stroll through a garden that you have cultivated with love, your soul will rejoice and all around you will be peace.

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