Could you sleep knowing I would never be near again, and could you picture what life would have been like? If one day I were here and tomorrow I were somewhere far away where I could never be found—if I were in the other side—who would you look for? My dear, if tomorrow you were to forget my existence and I were to imagine we were in past times, who would we be?

So many questions I won’t have the answers to and so many dreams that may come alive. I knew you one day and the next… If you would have never met me, who would we be and would we still be this happy? Without you I don’t feel as if there’d be much meaning. My kind, kind friend with a kind soul that should never be detached from me, we were simply meant to be. I feel it.

Today I make you happy and you do too. We dance and laugh like tomorrow is just a dream; it is in some ways. Today we hug and smile as we look into each other’s souls. There are so many nice things to say about the people we became. Our souls each other stole and today it couldn’t have been any different. We are a dream in the most realistic of ways. This is a story of struggle and love and truth and fear. This is not a fairy tale, my dear.



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